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How To Decorate Your Deck For Summer

When decorating your deck for summer, treat it as an extension of the indoors. Create cozy gathering spots for family and friends, and give the outdoor area a pop of color with items that reflect your personal decor style. You can take advantage of the extra space by hosting summer evening dinners, birthday parties, and other celebrations on the deck. 

Here are some ways to design a warm and welcoming deck:

Comfort is Key

First and foremost, your deck should be a place where you can kick back and relax with a book or with a group of good friends and family members. The good news is that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style. Add instant appeal by laying a large outdoor rug in the middle of the deck to act as a focal point. Not only will the rug feel better than wood or concrete under your feet, it will add color and interest.

Dress up deck chairs with outdoor pillows that are made to resist moisture, mold and mildew. In addition to making the seating elements softer, the pillows can add color to an otherwise boring space. For instance, if your deck furniture is all brown or black, choose pillows in vibrant, summery hues of coral, grass green or bright yellow. To create a cohesive look, coordinate the rug and pillow colors.

Choose a Theme 

If you don't know how to begin decorating your deck, choose a theme as a starting point. As a few ideas, garden-, beach-, and tropical-inspired themes are ideal for outdoor settings. If you'd prefer to keep it simple, you can create a decor look around a specific color combination, such as elegant black and white or relaxing lavender and white. 

Next, pick items that reflect the theme, such as vases of tropical flowers and seashell-patterned chair cushions for a beach look, or potted plants and a rug featuring flower designs for a garden-inspired style.

Other outdoor-friendly themed decor pieces include wood and metal signs, hanging lanterns and side tables constructed of materials such as rustic reclaimed wood, lacy black wrought iron or charming white wicker. 

Light up the Space

Choose lighting elements that not only illuminate the deck at night, but are pleasing to the eye during the day as well. For instance, you can wrap string lights featuring whimsical shapes such as stars, seashells or sunglasses around the deck railing.

As another idea, suspend colorful paper lanterns from tree limbs that hang over or near the deck. To light up a pathway to the deck, insert decorative solar lights into the ground. 

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