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Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen

When it's time a kitchen upgrade, you want to add special accents to make the kitchen more modern, functional, and beautiful. You can create a personalized look by adding special features to custom cabinetry and crown moulding. Here are a few other ideas to spark your imagination. 

Design Custom Cabinetry

Shallow Cleaning Cabinet

It seems like there's never a good place to keep cleaning supplies like brooms, dust pans, mops, and dusters. The funny thing is that these items are shallow and easy to hide, but only if they have a dedicated space. Ask your custom cabinetry maker to add in a shallow cabinet on the side of your set-in fridge. The cabinet can hold all of those shallow but tall cleaning supplies in a convenient place. 

Dog Feeding Station

If you have dogs that eat in the kitchen, you can create a posh space to keep food and water bowls. Add an open cabinet with bowl inserts at the end of an island or a countertop. The bowls can be removed for cleaning, but won't move around or splash water on the floor when your dog eats.

Built-In Spice Rack

Spice storage may pose a problem for you in your current kitchen. It's all about creating specific spaces for hard-to-store items, like spices. Ask your contractor to create storage on the back of your cabinet door, or add shallow shelving over the oven to hold small identical glass jars. 

Add Crown Molding and Corbels

Structured Windows

Another way to customize your new kitchen is with strategically placed crown molding. Besides creating great decoration between walls and your ceiling, crown molding gives windows a stronger presence in your home. Add it right above your windows in lieu of a valance for a more modern look. 

Fancy Cabinetry

Your custom cabinetry can look even more phenomenal with this ingenious idea. Plan to place a decorative corbel between upper cabinets and the counter where they end. These matching corbels give an architectural feel and make the cut-off cabinets feel more natural. 

Create Unique Details

Unexpected Lighting

Your custom kitchen can come to life with details you might not expect in a kitchen. For example, you can easily add high-end lighting meant more for a dining room or a living room. Choose an industrial piece or a luxurious chandelier to add mood lighting to your kitchen. These hanging pieces give the room drama.

One-of-a-Kind Knobs

When you plan your custom cabinetry, don't just pick traditional knobs. Go for miniature bronze pipe door pulls or glass or ceramic knobs. These little details might not be noticed right away, but added together with other details will create a unique vibe in your kitchen.

Have fun customizing your kitchen with these personalized ideas. Your kitchen will soon become your favorite room in the house.