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Problem-Solving And Future-Proofing With Home Renovations

If you're planning to renovate your home, you probably have several problems you want to solve to make your home more user-friendly. Although you may be focused on addressing the immediate needs and wants of everyone in your home, you should also plan your renovations with an eye for future needs. 

Problems Renovations Can Solve and Working with Wish Lists 

Some examples of the type of problems renovations can solve include inadequate storage space and lighting, not enough dining space in the kitchen, lack of designated spaces for entertainment areas for adults and for children, and not enough bathrooms. 

To help you anticipate current and future needs, get input from everyone in the home. Each person should pinpoint what he or she likes and dislikes about the current layout and submit these things in a wish list. 

They should also share what they would like if money wasn't an issue. After these lists are consolidated and prioritized, consider how to make sure your current changes will also meet your future needs. 

Solving Specific Problems 

To solve the lack of storage space when you don't have much additional floor space, consider using the walls and making better use of poorly used corners of a room. Built-in cabinets and bookcases can be built from the floors to the ceilings. Use bookcases and cabinets designed to fit into corners to take advantage of wasted corner areas. 

Window seats are also a good option for currently underused space because they have storage space in the seat area. Also be sure to add built-in bookcases and cabinets along your new window seat for even more storage. To add more light to your home, add a sunroom to take advantage of natural light. Also consider enlarging existing windows, or adding windows to areas that need more light. 

To create more kitchen space, without adding an entire room, have your contractor build a bump-out to add more dining space. A bump-out is a mini-addition where only a specific room is expanded. In this case, the bump-out would only be added to the kitchen. 

If your family has complained about both a lack of storage space and a lack of kitchen dining space, a bump-out can solve both issues. For the most seating, the window seat can be made large enough to seat two to four people, with table included. If you have enough space, you may even be able to add chairs on the non-window side of the table. 

To separate the adult's entertainment area from the children's, a formal dining room can be added to serve as the adult's entertainment area, and the existing entertainment area can be turned into a play are for the children. 

To increase bathroom options, add a new bathroom and also add another sink at least one of your current bathrooms. During your renovations, always take advantage of every opportunity to increase your storage options. Also don't forget to make sure your have more electrical outlets than you currently need. For more information, go to sites of local contractors.